Your new sewer connection

The South Australian Government has committed to securing the future of sewerage services for more than 4,700 residential and business properties currently connected to the City of Tea Tree Gully’s local Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS).

We have now installed and will manage and operate the wastewater network servicing your property.

About us
We are owned by the South Australian Government. Our people work to provide world class water services to more than 1.7 million South Australian customers. We provide safe, clean drinking water, and once this water has been used, we remove the waste and treat it to ensure the best outcomes for your health, and to reduce environmental impact.

We are a major South Australian organisation, employing more than 1,500 people in a range of industries from engineering to microbiology.

SA Water has a very long history. As a corporation we have existed since 1994, but our history can be traced back to 1856 – just 20 years after South Australia was settled.

Billing and charges
We issue quarterly bills that include your water use, sewerage access charge and any applicable concession.

The sewerage access charge covers the cost of removal and treatment of sewage and used water from your property. It is based on your property value as determined by the Valuer-General.

Our 2021-22 sewerage charges are worked out by applying a rate in the dollar to the value of your property. This means the number of cents charged per $1,000 of property value.

To work out your quarterly sewerage charge, divide your property value by 1000. Then multiply that number by the rate that applies to our Residential (metropolitan) customers, which is $0.20625. To calculate an annual charge, multiply by four. The 2021-22 minimum charge is $294.00 per year, billed at $73.50 per quarter.

Payment assistance
We are committed to helping our customers meet their financial obligations and to maintain continued access to water and sewerage services.

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to meet household expenses and other financial obligations due to economic hardship, temporary financial difficulty or unforeseen life events.

If you need to discuss an alternative payment arrangement, we encourage you to contact our Credit Management team on 7424 1560 or email

Electricity rebate
Pressure sewer pumps are very efficient and only use around $20.00 of electricity each year. We will cover this cost and you will see $5.00 removed from your water bill each quarter.

The three Ps
Please remember to take care of our sewers now and into the future by only flushing the three Ps – (toilet) paper, pee and poo. Being mindful that what you flush will protect your pipework, reduce odours and the potential for an overflow, assist us to keep treatment and operational costs down, and help safeguard the environment.

Benefits of being an SA Water sewer customer
The benefits of being our customer include:

  • state-wide sewerage pricing, consistent with other SA Water customers across the state, plus a commitment to keep prices as low and stable as possible
  • a reliable service that meets or exceeds all relevant public health and other regulatory requirements
  • ongoing upgrades and maintenance to our network as a part of our standard program
  • a 24/7 customer care response in the event of temporary service impacts
  • access to support in the event you need help managing your bill payments.

For any faults, service difficulties and emergencies, please call 1300 SA WATER (1300 729 283).

More information
Visit for information on our sewerage services and our Standard Customer Contract.
For information on the Tea Tree Gully Sustainable Sewers Program, call our Senior Stakeholder Engagement Adviser, Paul Smitheram, on 7424 2489.

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