About NAIS

The Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme (NAIS) produces and distributes up to six gigalitres (GL) per annum of high-quality recycled water for agricultural production across the Northern Adelaide Plains.

NAIS water is suitable for horticulture, floriculture, fruit and nut orchards, table and wine grapes, high-value broad-acre cropping.

This climate independent water supply was first delivered to NAIS customers in 2021, and commercial customer contracts are in place for up to 2.7GL - or around 45 per cent - of the scheme's current capacity.

The $155 million investment in NAIS by the Commonwealth and South Australian Governments and SA Water, aims to grow agribusiness across the region with new intensive food production developments that will capitalise on growing global demand for food.

When combined with a new climate and season independent source of water, the region's fertile soils, Mediterranean climate, proximity to transport and logistics, and access to skilled labour, are well positioned to supply Asia's rapidly growing middle class which is seeking clean healthy food imports.

NAIS customers also benefit from the scheme's tightly managed water quality, in-scheme stable indexed pricing and long-term tradeable contracts.

Like other recycled water schemes, NAIS is anticipated to take several years to optimise, with new high-tech horticultural developments typically requiring substantial planning and investment.

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