Resilient Water Futures Survey

To help inform our planning for the next 50 years, we consulted with our customers and community to understand their values and preferences for how we manage water in our changing world.

We thank the 850+ people took who our survey and provided input on how we ensure secure, resilient water supplies for the future. Your responses ensure we understand community ideas, values and preferences for water management. We found that residents of Greater Adelaide:

  • are most concerned about maintaining high water quality, ensuring enough water for both the future population and reducing impacts of climate variability

  • believe that, beyond use for human needs, healthy waterways and environments (including biodiversity support), public green spaces and water for agriculture are the most important uses for water

  • would prefer not to pay more for their water (or adopt restrictions) unless it ensures higher quality water, ensures resilience or serves to help the environment/agriculture sector.

Read the survey results report here.

Watch our video about the importance of having a resilient South Australia.

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