How we engage with our customers

    We engage with the community through education programs, site tours, expos, presentations, as well as market and social research. We also engage with the community online through our social media channels and our online engagement platform, Water Talks. 

    What customer research we undertake

    To ensure our services meet your needs, we contact our customers to measure their satisfaction with the service we provide. We also ask questions about how the community perceive us, and your opinions of how we are performing as an organisation. We do this on an ongoing basis to keep track of our performance and measure the impact of the changes we make to the way we work. More information can be found on the Customer Research and Engagement page.

    Why we undertake customer research and engagement

    Ongoing customer research provides us with the insight to understand what our customers expect from us. This insight builds evidence for us to make sound business decisions. 

    How can I report a fault?

    You can report minor faults and leaks easily online(External link). If you are experiencing a fault with your water or sewage service, or a water quality issue, please contact us on 1300 SA Water (1300 729 283).

    I need to pay my bill, how can I do this?

    We offer you many ways to pay your water bill. You can choose the one that suits you best. Visit the our website (External link)to find out about these options. 

    How can I find out about faults and scheduled works?

    You can find out about faults and scheduled works on Faults and Scheduled Works website page(External link).

    Can I manage my SA Water account online?

    Yes you can. Residential customers can register for mySAWater where you can sign up to receive eBills, and view, pay and manage your account easily anytime, anywhere. Registering is easy through our website(External link).

    How can I find out about our reservoir levels?

    We update reservoir levels every weekday on our website(External link).

    I need to update my postal address, how can I do this?

    You can update your postal address for your SA Water account on our Update my Postal Address page(External link).

    If you are moving home, see the Buying, Moving and Selling page(External link) for more information.