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about 2 years ago
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Across South Australia water is used in many ways; from drinking to washing, supporting crop growth to manufacturing and industry. The quality of this water is important to all our customers. 

Tell us a little bit about your main uses for water and why water is important to you. Remember to please keep it 'clean'!

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  • justfruit4me over 2 years ago
    Are there any plans to end water "fluoridation", or more specifically, "Chinese industrial waste being drip-fed into our water supply which we pay for with each & every water bill"? Wouldn't it be far better for the long & short term health of all & far cheaper to pipe untreated catchment water to each home & then each household can choose whether they want to chemically treat their water supply with govt-supplied units or use reverse-osmosis (&/or other treatments)?
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    • Admin Commented Andrew Coulson over 2 years ago
      Hello Justfruit4me,At the request of the Department of Health and Ageing, SA Water fluoridates Adelaide’s drinking water supply. The fluoridation of our water supplies is part of South Australia’s oral health initiative and continues to be effective in reducing the incidents of dental caries. SA Water adheres to the fluoridation levels set by the Department of Health and Ageing which are below the health limit of 1.5mg/L set out in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG). Fluoridation is considered to be a safe practice by peer-reviewed scientific research carried out by the National Health Medical Research Council. Fluoride purchased by SA Water is consistent with the requirements of the ADWG.More details on the health aspects of drinking water fluoridation are available at; alternatively you can contact SA Health on 8226 7100 Andrew@SAWater
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      • justfruit4me over 2 years ago
        Hi Andrew. I'm getting a "page not found" trying to access your provided link. I tried to navigate the site, but cannot find anything relevant covered in the sections I looked at. Can you explain how SA Health enforces fluoridation into our water supply by SA Water? Why do they keep telling us that ingesting fluoride reduces dental caries (a non-water-borne disease), when all the largest studies done, over a very long time period, funded by the USA's NIH & another by the NIDR - multimillions of dollars, show that only topically applied fluoride treatments like dentists provide, effectively reduce dental caries? Why too are dental caries reducing at the same rates in countries with unfluoridated water supplies as those with fluoridated water supplies? And why is it poverty & poor access to dental help in communities fluoridated for the last 20 years or more have been shown to have the highest & most severe cases of dental caries & oral health, as study after study has shown? In countries that have stopped fluoridating their water supplies, dental caries, in all cases, has continued to fall as the people's standard of living improves with time. Here, dental caries rates were actually falling consistently even before fluoridation of our water supplies. Unfortunately, rates of dental fluorosis have been rapidly rising since its introduction. Can you confirm the specific type of fluoride (falsely stated as being a 'nutrient'), added to our water & that it is all carefully regulated & tested quality pharmaceutical grade & not industrial grade? As fluoride is classed as a drug (medicine), added to water to treat a disease, & does nothing whatsoever to improve both water quality & safety, is this not then a breech of "informed consent", around which our entire medical practice rests & for which reason 97% of Western Europe totally rejected fluoridation of their water supplies? Can you tell us if & by how much each year the fluoridation level has increased since its introduction?
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        • Admin Commented Andrew Coulson over 2 years ago
          Thanks justfruit4me... a lot of questions, I will need some time to get through them all however for now here is the link again. Apologies it didn't work the first time. Andrew@SAWater
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          • justfruit4me over 2 years ago
            Many thanks for the corrected link. It's very brief & doesn't answer the questions sufficiently or at all, but I'll not disturb you further on these matters.
        • Admin Commented Andrew Coulson over 2 years ago
          Hello justfruit4me. The majority of your questions here relate to the health policy decision behind fluoridation and are best directed to SA Health as they would be best placed to answer them directly. The products used here at SA Water for the purpose of fluoridation (Hydrofluorosilicic acid and sodium fluoride) are approved products under the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Like all health and aesthetic parameters of drinking water, fluoride levels are maintained within the Australian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines, with the results reviewed and monitored by SA Health. You can see water quality results and find up-to-date results of what’s in your water at Hope that's helpful?Andrew@SAWater