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  • Who are the Customer Working Group?

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    The Customer Working Group was formed in February 2018 and concluded as part of our customer engagement for Our Plan 2020-24 in March 2019.

    The group was involved in phases two to four of our customer engagement. We worked together with the group to test and analyse results of the What matters to you? and Would you invest in this? surveys. Using this information, the Customer Working Group provided recommendations for Our Plan 2020-24.

    They met six times plus had an optional tour of SA Water infrastructure.

    • Session 6

    16 March 2019

    • Session 5

    06 October 2018

    • Session 4

    07 July 2018

    • Infrastructure tour (optional)

    21 April 2018

    • Session 3

    24 March 2018

    • Session 2

    03 March 2018

    • Session 1

    24 February

    The group enabled direct customer participation and collaboration and for us to hear what they have to say about our business and the services we provide.

    There were 22 members of the Customer Working Group. These people represented:

    • Residential customers – from each of our five customer segments
    • Residential customers – representing home owners, tenants and water customers not connected to sewerage services
    • Non-residential (or business) customers - business owners, business tenants, and small to medium business representatives
    • Stakeholders - representatives from our culturally and linguistically diverse, and Aboriginal communities
    • Customers across different age groups - representation will include members of all age groups 20-60+

    This broad representation ensured we understood and considered the breadth of our customers' priorities. Each member is responsible for paying all or part of a water bill.

    Now the group meetings have concluded we will continue to engage with members by phone and email until the group's recommendations are agreed. The group members will also be offered opportunities to engage with us on other projects if they wish in future.

    One member of the group was selected to represent customers as part of ESCOSA's Negotiation committee with SA Water from April to June 2019.