Connecting new customers along Hog Bay Road and Arronmore Road

To keep our costs as low as possible for new water connections installed directly off the trunk main along Hog Bay Road and Arronmore Road, we will provide individual 20mm water meters in a shared manifold arrangement where possible. A manifold arrangement allows between two and four individual meters to be co-located and reduces the overall installation cost.

We will locate the manifold connection and water meters adjacent to driveways and close to boundaries which in some cases will be in the road verge requiring an underground box to protect the meters from damage. It is unlikely we will be able to locate meters in preferred locations for all customers.

We are pleased to advise the cost for a 20mm meter connection as part of a manifold along Hog Bay Road and Arronmore Road will be capped at $3050 per property for connections applied for before 31 July 2022.

You will be responsible for private pipework requirements, including any Council permits for construction in road verge, from the meter to your property.

To apply for a new connection along Hog Bay Road and Arronmore Road, please follow this link to complete an application.

Any connection requests for a larger water meter to accommodate business purposes or an individual connection outside of a shared manifold arrangement will need to be reviewed to ensure there is sufficient capacity to be shared across the entire network and may incur additional costs.

It is recommended that you seek professional advice from a plumber around your specific circumstances to ensure internal pipelines and/or other suitable storage and pumps (if required) is incorporated to meet your ongoing needs. Getting water from the meter to your tank or your home will be your responsibility.

Water supply from the new connection will not be available until the new trunk main and desalination plant is completed and commissioned. We will let you know when water is available.

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